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Today, students, I am going to introduce a new method of writing great research papers that will revolutionize your writing process, making writing challenging, long or short research-type essays into works of art that will receive you an A+ every time. Also, let me say first that even if a research paper is not required and your teacher says they only want an argumentative essay on a topic of your choice, a paper like that is almost impossible without dialoguing with researchers and scientists who can bolster your claims and give them support individuals who really are specialists in your topic.

The Paste and Switch Method for Research Papers and Essays

First, students, what you need to do is begin collecting your research. Find good, reliable articles from the databases from your school that you probably have access to at home, or use very reliable internet sources such as The Huffington Post, for example or U.S. News and World Report online or other online respected journals and newspapers.

Now, you know how many sources are required in your paper – but typically, teachers want five or more sources for a ten page paper and probably 3-4 sources for a a five page paper.

Now, you do not want your entire essay to only be populated of quotes or your teacher will feel you have done absolutely NO WRITING on the essay yourself. This is why you need to look at these quotes and figure out what kind of sentences might lead up to them and what kind of sentences might follow them.

You will also need smooth, creative ways to introduce all of those quotes. Let me tell you about some handy ones:

Now, you need a really good introduction and closing and with all this research, you shouldn’t be short of something significant to quote or say that you have learned from your reading.

How to Introduce Quotes

Researchers have noted that (is a good one)

Researchers added that (when you need to continue another quote from the same persons). Or use the author’s name and their credentials, for example, Tom Post of NASA claims that...

Or Tom Post of NASA reminds us that some planets have already died throughout time...

When you need to refer to Tom Post again or include another quote from him – he can become simply “Post.” After you use an author, researcher, or scientist, professor—any type of individual you are quoting – after you have used their first and last names you can begin simply referring to them by their last name, like you would jokingly with a good friend.

First Steps

  • What you want to do first is sift through and skim all the articles and find the three or however many are required you feel will add most to your project – you can always make a second pass at your collection of articles later if you feel more quotes would add more weight, where needed, to your essay.
  • Then, either retype quotes from the articles or cut and paste quotes from these articles and place them on the blank page in the kind of order they would appear in your paper or paste them there and “Switch” them around until they begin to make some kind of narrative sense for your reader.
  • Now, can you see how your research paper is kind of half becoming a full time paper?

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